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Christmas tree

Magic and magnificent

a pine tree of significance

enters my home

where I am never alone

the wine glass is full as we dine

I pull and pull

colourful decorations

red, green and blue

appear on my golden Christmas tree. 

Magic and magnificent

Christmas jumper taken

from the bunker

I am no drummer

but enjoy the noise, toys, wonder and colour

of my golden Christmas tree.

Magic and magnificent

the children dance

write letters to Santa Claus in the chance

gifts, surprises big and small

short and tall

may appear under

my golden Christmas tree.

Magic and magnificent

trumpets, music boxes, angels

toy soldiers and dancing ballerina do appear year after year

on my golden Christmas tree.

Magic and magnificent

stories are told

smiles are shared

as the youngest child glides

placing the bright shining star

on my golden Christmas tree.




When I was a boy

I watched the great western movies

We gathered on the streets 

Wondering who we would meet

Gun and caps in hand

The person wearing the face mask was the villain 

Now I am a man 

I am living the movie

The streets are empty 

Twenty twenty, twenty one 

Safety first, social distance and washing hands 

The person wearing the face mask is  now the hero.


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