DO HPat preparation courses improve the performance of applicants?

DO HPat preparation courses improve the performance of applicants?
Any process which allows a candidate to practise the HPat assessment will improve performance, as the individual involved gets used to the format of the test, the types of questions covered in each of the three sections, the overall length of the assessment, etc.
It is for this reason that HPat-Ireland provides a comprehensive website,, which contains sample test materials and detailed responses to candidate inquiries.
This year, candidates will have two sample test booklets available to them, which will facilitate them in taking two full mock exams if they so wish.

CAO applications open online

CAO applications open online

Leaving Cert students who are planning to go on to Third Level Education apply to the CAO online.
The online application facility opened yesterday (November 3rd) at 12:00 GMT for a 90-day period.
Students who fill in their CAO form online before January 20th 2011 can avail of a reduced fee of EUR30. Online or postal applications can also be made by February 1st for a fee of EUR40, which is down EUR5 on last year.
After this date, late applications can be made until May 1st for a fee of EUR60 for those who opt to fill out their form online and for EUR80 for paper applications.
The news comes just weeks after the Irish Universities Association said it would introduce a bonus CAO points system for honours maths 2012.
Under the new system, every student who achieves a D3 in the subject will receive an extra 25 points, plus the current 45.

How to get the most out of a careers / college open day?

Study the prospectus; before going to any career event you must be familiar with the basic course information i.e

· Certification… is the course level 7 or level 8?

· What is the duration of the course?

· Is there work experience on the course?

· What are the typical points required?

· Is there essential subjects?

· What is the Exam structure?

· What do graduates do on completion of the course?

· What are the Employment prospects?

· Is there a web site?

· How do I plan my visit?

· What qualities are required for the course?

· Is there a drop-out rate?

· Is there options at end of the first year?

· What further study options do I have?

Leaving Cert

Congratulations to the class of 2010 on their Leaving Certificate Results

Monday August 24rd – The CAO issues first round offers to students online at 6am. Offers are also sent by post and will also arrive on Monday.

Tuesday August 24th – Leaving Cert students who wish to view a number of their examinations scripts must complete thier application form – and return it to the school by this date.

Monday August 30th – This is the closing date for receipt of acceptance of CAO first-round offers (5.15pm).

Wednesday Sept 1st – CAO will issue second-round offers to students.

Friday and Saturday September 3rd and 4th – Students and one other person of thier choice can view their exam scripts in school on either or both days. Student must be present.

Wednesday September 8th – Closing date for receipt of second round offers. It is also the closing date for receipt of Leaving Cert appeal applications from those who want their papers rechecked.

Wednesday October 13th – The release of Leaving Cert appeal results by the State Exams Commission. Final offers of places by the CAO will be made up to the 20th October.

Will CAO points rise?

Central Application Office (CAO) points for many popular university courses are likely to increase this year due to a greater number of mature students seeking college places. Secondly there is a greater number of students sitting LC examination and thirdly people who lost their jobs due to the recession are returning to college.

In particular, it is thought that point requirements for the most popular arts, business and science courses will rise. Points for courses linked to the building industry are likely to fall due to lack of demand, while those for law and architecture courses could see a drop due to limited employment opportunities in these areas.

The HPAT test

HPAT-Ireland (Health Professions Admission Test) is the new admissions test selected by the Irish Medical Schools for prospective medical students. Since 2009, regardless of how well you score in their Leaving Certificate, you must reach a required standard in this test to study medicine in Ireland. For more information go to

    Those wishing to secure

a place in one of the five undergraduate medical schools have until Monday, January 18th, to register with HPAT-Ireland to sit the HPAT assessment test. The test takes place on Saturday, February 27th, in a number of centres throughout the country.
To complete your HPAT application, which will cost you €95, you must have a CAO application number, which can only be secured by completing an online CAO application by that date.
HPAT exam results can now be appealed

Students sitting the HPAT aptitude test for entry to medicine will be able to appeal their results this year.


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If you don’t want to talk to someone you know, try one of many support organisations that will be more than willing to help. These include free helplines, text support services, websites, drop-in centres, support groups, counselling and also services that offer immediate help in a crisis, some 24 hours a day. For more information, go to the following barnardos website……..excellent service.Teenhelp