News for students


  1. Maynooth University – Virtual Open Day
  2. “How To” Videos from DCU Students
  3. Free Study Skills E-Book!
  4. Free Training in Virtual Classrooms and Remote Learning
  5. Opportunity For International Sharing And Learning
  6. Easter Arrangements for Maths at Home
  7. Oceans of learning resources online at
  8. Could Working from Home soon be the new Normal?
  9. DCYA funded youth services and organisations advice
  10. Education after COVID-19
  11. SME Open Days Rescheduled
  12. Alert List from IT Tralee
  13. New President in GMIT
  14. NCGE Update on Guidance

Author: Francis O' Toole

Francis O' Toole is a Educational Psychotherapist & Guidance Counsellor. I set up this blog page to help students gain as much information as possible to be able to make right choices and decisions regarding their career options. I believe that we will be very successful in our careers if we follow what we enjoy.

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