Back To Their Roots: Teagasc Hosting Horticulture Courses

Could a career in horticulture be the right path for you?

Back To Their Roots: Teagasc Hosting Horticulture Courses

Teagasc are hosting a number of courses through their College of Amenity Horticulture, based in the National Botanical Gardens. There are currently 5 programmes on offer between their centre at the National Botanical Gardens and the unique setting of their Ashtown campus, just north of Dublin City.

Students will spend 16 weeks of practical learning on approved horticultural units within the industry directly linked to their chosen learning stream. This will enable students to learn the management and manual skills associated with their chosen specialism.

Sixteen weeks are also spent at the College. The emphasis during this course is both on the development of business and management skills and also on developing proficiency in a range of skills associated their chosen stream of learning.

Examples of the programmes below display the extensive body of coursework available.

Horticulture Enterprise (Level 5 QQI):

The general horticulture course is designed to allow students to gain a firm foothold in the horticultural world and to allow progression in to more specialized fields at Level 6. Here, students will learn basics such as work practice, plant protection and science, soil science and growing media and how to identify plants.

Progression from Level 5 to Level 6 allows students to choose a field to sepcialize in

Landscape Enterprise (Level 6 QQI):

This comprehensive course covers key components of the landscaping process such as design and construction, park and garden supervision and production mechanisation. Through this course students will gain practical knowledge and experience through working on the landscaping elements of the Ashtown Campus.

Propagation and Tree Management (Level 6 QQI):

During this programme students will learn essential skills with regards to tree and nursery enterprise. Modules covered within this course handle subjects such as garden centre operations and nursery stock production.

Food Production (Level 6 QQI):

With a focus towards the production of fruit and vegetables, this particular course gives students a chance to get their foot on the ladder with regards to practicing the production and maintenance of these crops. Over the course of their learning, students can expect to cover features such as market gardening, organic crop production and sustainable horticulture as well as furthering their knowledge on the environment and ecology.

Sports Turf Enterprise (Level 6 QQI):

This outlet of horticulture will allow students to embark on learning about the growing industry within the realms of sports turf. The Ashtown campus contains a dedicated grass and golf area where students will be able to perfect their skills and knowledge with regards to managing sports ground.

All the above courses also provide personal development modules as well as a wide range of elective subjects which will allow students to further the horizon of their learning.

Opportunities on completion of a Level 6 course include progression to Year 2 of the Level 7 Horticulture programme being hosted by Waterford I.T. as well as prospects throughout the field of horticulture.

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The College of Amenity Horticulture, National Botanic Gardens will also be holding their open day on Thursday October 3rd from 2PM until 4.30PM.