EUNiCAS invite students interested in studying abroad to two information sessions scheduled to take place in April.


EUNiCAS invite students interested in studying abroad to two information sessions scheduled to take place in April.

  • Dutch Gateways to Employment in Dublin (12th April) and Cork (11th April)
  • OMG I’m Going To Be A Doctor or a Vet (or a Dentist) – Dublin 19th April

Who are Eunicas?

EUNiCAS (European University Central Application Support Service) was established to facilitate the growing numbers of UK and Irish students who wish to study abroad in European Universities. EUNiCAS is a college application support service to help students to access information and apply to colleges in Europe. In its development phase, EUNiCAS has been supported by Enterprise Ireland, which is part of the Department of Enterprise & Employment in Ireland.

Dutch Gateways to Employment:

Meet Dutch Applied Universities in Dublin and Cork

  • 11th April Cork – Click here to register for this event
  • 12th April Dublin  – Click here to register for this event

Now that Irish students are experiencing the quality of education in Dutch Research Universities, and the attraction of living in the Netherlands, they are turning in significant numbers to the more hands-on, employment-focused programmes, taught through English, in the Applied Universities (Universities of Applied Sciences, UAS) which offer programmes in  subjects such as : PhysiotherapyGame DesignBusinessLawITEngineeringArt & DesignTeachingHotel ManagementMusic & Media Management and many more.

Importantly, these universities are finding that Irish students, in particular, match their preferred profile of students and are coming to Ireland in April to meet students and their families. They are bringing with them Irish students who are already studying in the Netherlands. 

Leaving Cert or QQI students will no doubt be immersed in revision in April but they might be interested to know that many of these universities take applications into July and August. Of course, it is an ideal opportunity for 5th years and TY’s to become familiar with these options, ahead of key decisions in the coming year. At these evening events, seven of the Dutch Applied Universities will be speaking to prospective students and their families. Co-ordinated by EUNICAS, the evenings represent a measure of the growing interest in the opportunities to study in the Netherlands. Register for these free events here, for Cork  or Dublin  There is also an opportunity for counsellors and other members of staff from Colleges of Education to meet these universities in person, at a special session at 16.00 in Dublin, to discuss progression routes from their PLC programmes. (Remember these universities accept QQI Level 5 as meeting their entry requirements!!)


OMG I’m Going To Be A Doctor or a Vet (or a Dentist)

19th April, Dublin Click here to register

An ever-increasing number of Irish students who miss out on the points to study MedicineVeterinary MedicineDentistry, in Ireland, are now going to universities in Continental Europe. to acquire the professional qualifications needed to practice as a Doctor, Vet, Dentist or Nurse in Ireland. For example, there are over 60 programmes in Medicine and 13 programmes in Veterinary Medicine, all taught through English, that enable Irish students to keep their dreams alive of a professional career in diverse health professions. Representatives of these universities, together with Irish student studying there, will be available on the night.

The following universities are being represented: MEDICINE: MU Bialystok (POL), MU Lodz (POL), NCU Bydgoscz (POL), Pavol Josef Safarik U. (SLO), Poznan UMS (POL). Semmelweis U (HU), Szeged U (HU), U. Pecs (HU) VETERINARY MEDICINE: Warsaw ULS (POL), Wroclaw ULES (POL), UVM Budapest (HU) DENTISTRY: MU Lodz, Pavol Josef Safarik U. (SLO), Semmelweis U (HU), Szeged U (HU), U. Pecs (HU), U. Catolica de Valencia (SP). U. Europea de Madrid (SP) There are presentations on all aspects of Health Sciences education in mainland Europe. Register for this free event here.

EUNiCAS will also be available at both of these events, to advise generally on studying in the Netherlands or on studying Medicine elsewhere in Europe.

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Author: Francis O' Toole

Francis O' Toole is a Educational Psychotherapist & Guidance Counsellor. I set up this blog page to help students gain as much information as possible to be able to make right choices and decisions regarding their career options. I believe that we will be very successful in our careers if we follow what we enjoy.

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