King’s Inns offering two diploma courses in Irish

Up to forty jobs will be available to Irish speakers in various EU institutions this year and in the years ahead there will be further openings for lawyer-linguists and legal translators with a high level of competency in Irish. King’s Inns is offering two diploma courses that aim to prepare the participants for the entrance exams that will take place in the future when the above-mentioned vacancies are being filled.

The positions will be available in Brussels – in the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of the European Union – with excellent salaries and work conditions.


Those working as legal translators will be required to translate legislation and other official documents. The main responsibility of those working as lawyer-linguists will be to examine draft laws which have been translated to Irish in relation to legal and linguistic accuracy.


The courses being offered by King’s Inns are:

• Advanced Lawyer-Linguist and Legal Translation Diploma
• Advanced Legal Translation Diploma

The qualifications will also benefit candidates who wish to seek employment as translators outside the European Institutions.


The courses will begin on 1 October 2012 and continue until mid May 2013. Participants will attend classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings and there will also be some Saturday sessions. All classes will be held at King’s Inns, Henrietta Street, Dublin 1.


These courses are suitable for those who have a good standard of spoken and written Irish (grade A in the honours Irish paper in the Leaving Certificate, for example). In the case of the lawyer-linguist course, a law degree or a professional legal qualification (BL or Solr) is also required. A legal qualification is not necessary in the case of applicants to the course in Legal Translation. All applicants must have good computer skills.


All applicants will be required to undergo a language assessment test and the results of this assessment will be taken into consideration when places are being allocated on the courses. This assessment, in which the focus will be on grammatical accuracy in Irish, will take place between 6.00–7.00 p.m. on Wednesday, 19 September at King’s Inns.


A limited number of scholarships is available.


Additional information and an application form are available on the King’s Inns website: A sample language assessment test is available on the site as well.


If you wish to contact the course coordinator, Dáithí Mac Cárthaigh BL, please send an email or ring (087) 236 8364.

Author: Francis O' Toole

Francis O' Toole is a Educational Psychotherapist & Guidance Counsellor. I set up this blog page to help students gain as much information as possible to be able to make right choices and decisions regarding their career options. I believe that we will be very successful in our careers if we follow what we enjoy.

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